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      • Vatican School is a co- educational institution. The school which is cosmopolitan in its approach believes in inculcating the spirit of secularism in children, without disparity. Our school believes that every child is unique and so our students enjoy a secure, caring and stimulating environment to blossom into well rounded individuals. The intellectual, physical, emotional and social behavioural aspects of education are carefully addressed in our institution. We try and enable the critical thinking and practical responses in all our students. Starting early, at the pre-school levels, we endeavour to awaken the latent talents and abilities through creative programs and practices. We strive to engage our students in curricular and co- curricular activities that enable their growth as morally, socially and academically accomplished individuals who are the pride and invaluable resource of our society and nation.

    • The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.
    • Carl Rogers
    • Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
    • Albert Einstein
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